full-charge load

full-charge load
полный заряд

English-Russian arms dictionary. 2013.

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  • load — A sales charge paid by an investor in some mutual fund shares or annuities. The sales charge may be a front end charge, a back end charge, or a 12b 1 charge. Also, an expression used to describe a mutual fund that imposes sales charges on… …   Financial and business terms

  • charge — ► VERB 1) demand (an amount) as a price for a service rendered or goods supplied. 2) accuse (someone) of something, especially an offence under law. 3) rush forward in attack. 4) entrust with a task. 5) store electrical energy in (a battery). 6)… …   English terms dictionary

  • load|ed — «LOH dihd», adjective. 1. carrying a load: »a loaded barge. The loaded apple trees in the orchard (John Ruskin). 2. with a charge in it. 3. weighted, especially with lead or the like: »a loaded stick or whip. 4. Informal, Figurative. full of… …   Useful english dictionary

  • load — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) n. burden; cargo, lading, shipment; charge. See gravity, transportation. II (Roget s IV) n. 1. [A physical burden] Syn. weight, encumbrance, carload, wagonload, hindrance, shipload, parcel, pressure,… …   English dictionary for students

  • charge — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) v. command, exhort, instruct; assess, tax; set a price; burden; debit; strike, attack; fill, load, prepare; accuse, blame. n. accusation, allegation, impeachment, indictment; command, order, mandate,… …   English dictionary for students

  • charge — v. & n. v. 1 tr. a ask (an amount) as a price (charges pound5 a ticket). b ask (a person) for an amount as a price (you forgot to charge me). 2 tr. a (foll. by to, up to) debit the cost of to (a person or account) (charge it to my account; charge …   Useful english dictionary

  • charge — Synonyms and related words: accountability, accounting for, accounts payable, accounts receivable, accredit, accusal, accusation, accuse, accusing, achievement, action, activate, adjure, administration, admission, admission fee, admonish,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • Charge controller — A charge controller, charge regulator or battery regulator limits the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from electric batteries. [1] It prevents overcharging and may prevent against overvoltage, which can reduce battery… …   Wikipedia

  • full load — pilnutinė apkrova statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. full load; total load vok. Gesamtbelastung, f; summarische Belastung, f; Summenlast, f; Vollast, f; volle Belastung, f rus. полная нагрузка, f; суммарная нагрузка, f pranc. charge… …   Automatikos terminų žodynas

  • Charge and discharge — Discharge Dis*charge , n. [Cf. F. d[ e]charge. See {Discharge}, v. t.] 1. The act of discharging; the act of relieving of a charge or load; removal of a load or burden; unloading; as, the discharge of a ship; discharge of a cargo. [1913 Webster]… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • load — n 1. contents, merchandise, goods, stuff; burden, charge, weight; boatload, shipload, Chiefly U.S. carload, wagonload, truckload; lading, U.S. and Canada. freight, freightage, haul. 2. burden, weight, onus, cross, millstone, albatross; duty,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

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